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Visuals have the power to give a message across thousands of times faster than a simple text. Moreover, when it’s added sound and movement, this effect gets far beyond where a simple image can get. A person watching a video that provides value or entertainment to him or her is intrinsically more ready to accept the message the sender wants to convey. According to a Forrester research, people tend to retain 58% more in their memories when both the auditory and visual senses are stimulated. This results in increasing brand awareness and emotional appeal. 

In the light and consideration of all these facts; video ads for the company CV benim’s social media accounts and official website has been designed in order either for commemorating or celebrating important days. Design process starts with identifying the message Company is willing to give. Thereafter; graphic design of the scenes are specified in tandem with the design style compatible the with brand identity. Then, composition is designed with favorable movements and sounds.

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