Date: 24 December 2019
Client: B’Artistique

Descriptions: B’Artistique is a reality that encourages artistic freedom and creativity far away from the commercial obligations of the market. B’Artistique is about giving 100% every day, focusing on each component with the same attention to detail to enhance creativity and make sure each client can reach their full potential.

Logo Design Inspiration:

Sparkle- to shine brightly with flashes of light, be vivacious and witty, vivacity and wit. Sparkle carries the meanings of joy, liveliness and noticeability which are all crucial notions for art and artists. It gives the sense of standing out, being recognizable and enjoyment. Alongside with it’s meaning it gives the logo a classy, stylish and distinguished look.

Abstract shape- A curled abstract shape conveys the sense of motion and movement and thereby reflects a productive brand in action. It also adds young, creative and fresh touch to the feeling that the brand represents.