Amethyst Home Candles

Date: 18 May 2021
Client: Amethyst Home

Descriptions: We had a pleasure to cooperate with Amethyst Home.

First, we made a logo. Maintaining harmony in the typography with modern and simple look, that was our mission. We created a font to reflect the brand’s personality.

Amethyst Home produces natural handmade candles manufactured of vegetable wax, which help to create an atmosphere inviting to relaxing in a fun way.

Inspired by the artists like Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse we designed custom art lines to each of the four series, telling the story and sharing the unique memories of the emotions. Our concept was to create a candle design that used line art and paint strokes style of art. We wanted the feel of the candles to be, classy and celebrated femininity.

The founders each have such a great story, so the packaging is influenced by their personal histories. That to us was the missing part from their branding and packaging. Each candle has a unique name & story which binds itself to the series in a poetic nuance. Each carries a different song name and illustrations.